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About the Engineering Department
Dana Bicknell
City Engineer

Hall Block
Assistant City Engineer

50 S. Broadway
Lebanon, OH  45036

(513) 228-3171
Engineering and Inspections

The Engineering Department is under the direction of the City engineer and currently consists of four full-time employees.

Mission Statement
The Engineering Department is dedicated to providing a high-level of expertise in the planning, upgrade, rehabilitation, improvement, inspection, and maintenance of our public and private infrastructure.

Public Infrastructure
The Engineering Department is responsible for the planning and execution of public infrastructure improvements in the City of Lebanon, such as roadway projects, utility replacements and extensions, and drainage improvements.

Roadways & Utilities
The Engineering Department reviews and inspects the roadways and utilities that are constructed in the residential and commercial developments and ensure that they meet our standards.

We are always pleased to receive comments from the residents of Lebanon regarding such issues as infrastructure needs, development, drainage issues, etc. and encourage you to contact us.

Roadway Maintenance Backlog Driving Tour
The Tour Areas represent roadways that have been in service for the 10 to 15 year typical service life.  Due to a lack of funding, none of the roadways within the Tour Areas are included within the 5 Year Capital Improvement Plan.  The document will open in a new window.  Roadway Maintenance Backlog Driving Tour