New Commercial

Apply for New Commercial Service
To apply for new commercial service, you must complete the following: 
  1. File an Application for Utility Service with the Service Department.
  2. Take out an Electric Service Permit with Warren County Building and Zoning.
  3. You must contact the City of Lebanon Electric Department to determine point-of-service connection prior to construction.
Additional Information
Additional commercial service information:
  • If there are no existing power facilities on your property, the City of Lebanon must design and install facilities to reach your property. The customer will be required to pay a line extension cost of $12 per foot for single-phase service and $18 per foot for three-phase service to extend electric facilities to your property.
  • Transformer location will be determined by the City of Lebanon prior to construction. The Transformer Pad will be the responsibility of the Owner. For more information, view the Transformer Pad Specification document.
  • Meter socket will be provided by the City of Lebanon. Any Service in excess of 200 amps will require a CT cabinet and current transformers. The City of Lebanon will provide the current transformers and transformer-rated meter socket.
  • After all required electrical inspections are passed, Warren County will forward a release form to Lebanon. If Lebanon has received payment for the line extension cost or no line extension fee is required, a work order will be created. In most cases, Lebanon will complete the work order in three to five business days.