Report an Outage

Report Electric Outages or Trouble
During Regular Business Hours
To report an electric outage or trouble during regular business hours, contact the Service Department at (513) 932-3060.

After Hours, Weekends, & Holidays
To report after hours, weekends, or holidays, contact the Police Department at (513) 932-2010.

Outage Information
Be prepared to answer the following questions: 
  • Is your power totally out or partially out?
  • Can you tell if your neighbors' power is out?
  • Have you checked your breakers including your main breaker(s)? The main breaker could be located at your main panel or outside your home near your electric meter.
  • Did you hear any strange noises, booms, or explosions?
  • Did you see any flashes, sparks, or fires?
  • Have you seen any lines down? If so, please stay away from them.