Scheduled Outages

Scheduled Maintenance / Repair Outage Notification
When the City of Lebanon Electric Department is performing maintenance, replacements, or repairs, we attempt to notify customers of outages either personally or by printed flyers delivered to each residence.

Mass Notification
When the affected area or number of customers is too large to contact individually, the City of Lebanon Electric Department may place signage on main streets or entrances leading into the area with dates, times, and estimated lengths of outages.

Scheduling an Outage
Contact the following to schedule an outage:
  • To schedule an emergency outage during business hours, contact the Service Department at (513) 932-3060.
  • To schedule a non-emergency outage during regular business hours, contact (513) 228-3210 or (513) 228-3200. Please give at least two days notice for this service.

Emergency Outage Notification
In some cases, emergency outages are needed to perform maintenance to prevent an unsafe conditions or to prevent a larger outage. In this case, we are not able to notify customers of the outage in advance. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Small-Group & Business Notification
In an emergency situation where less than 12 residential customers are to be affected, we will try to notify those customers personally. Commercial customers will be notified whenever possible.