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City Auditor

50 S. Broadway
Lebanon, OH  45036

Ph: (513) 228-3163  

Tax Questions?
Ph: (513) 933-7205
About the Finance Department
The Department of Finance operates under the direction of the city auditor and consists of the Finance Department, the Division of Payroll and Personnel, and the Division of Taxation.

The employees of this department provide direct service to the citizens by maintaining sound fiscal administration of taxpayers' dollars. The department also holds the responsibility for:
  • Accounts payable / receivable
  • Centralized purchasing functions
  • Contract administration
  • Debt financing, such as bonds and notes
  • Insurance administration (health and liability)
  • Municipal income tax administration
  • Other financial services for the City that are maintained through the Department of Finance and its subdivisions
  • Payroll
  • Personnel management
  • Preparation of the City's Annual Budget
  • Preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • Utility collection

City Clerk
The city auditor is also clerk of the City Council and holds the responsibility of maintaining all public records for the City Council and the citizens of Lebanon. Functions include the recording of council minutes and the indexing and maintenance of all legislation.