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Name: Fire Prevention Bureau
Phone: 513-316-0170

Please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau with questions regarding inspections and permits.

InspectionsInspections are completed by firefighters who hold certifications as fire safety inspectors. Our inspectors are tasked with making sure businesses, schools, factories, nursing homes and other commercial properties follow the provisions of the Ohio Fire Code. This task is essential to preventing loss of life, injury and property loss.

Home Inspections for adoptions and foster care can be scheduled by calling the Fire Prevention Bureau. Please have two copies of the form your agency requires available at the time of the inspection.


The following types of remodeling or temporary structures require a building permit:  

  • Tents greater than 900 square feet
  • Any construction of walls floor to ceiling that includes electric
  • Any change in the use of the building

Please call the Fire Prevention Bureau or the Warren County Building Department (513-695-1290) for more information.

After a building permit is issued, both the building inspector and fire inspector must be involved in the following types of inspections:

  • Framing
  • Sprinkler above ground test – 200 psi for 2 hours
  • Sprinkler under ground – visual for piping, 200 psi for 2 hours, flushing of pipe
  • Fire alarm
  • Fire pumps
  • Hood systems
  • Special F.P. system
  • Above ground storage tank

Above Ground Storage Tank
Contact the Fire Prevention Bureau


Requests must be submitted to the Fire Prevention Bureau a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of the event.

Knox BoxesAll new construction and remodeled businesses must install a Knox box. Boxes are available online for purchase from the Knox Company. Occasionally the Division receives a request for a residential box which are available for purchase from the same company. Please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau prior to installation of the vault.

InvestigationsIf you have any information that would assist our investigators, please call or email us.