Historic District Building & Renovation

The goal of the Architectural Review Overlay District (ARO) is to protect, preserve and enhance the historic buildings and historic areas in the City of Lebanon. To keep these areas as historically preserved as possible, we require all new construction and alterations to properties in the ARO to follow the Historic Preservation Standards of Chapter 1140 of the Lebanon Zoning Code.

A Certificate of Appropriateness approved by Planning Commission is required for new construction, reconstruction or any other visible changes to the exterior of any building or structure within the ARO.

Ordinary maintenance and repair activities, where the purpose of the work is to correct deterioration to the structure or where no change is made to the appearance of the building, are exempt from these provisions and shall not require a Certificate of Appropriateness. Interior alterations do not require a Certificate of Appropriateness but may require a Building Permit and Zoning Permit.

Ordinary maintenance and repair include:

  1. Repainting of a building.
  2. Replacement of window glass, but not replacement of the style or type of window.
  3. Landscaping, including vegetable and flower gardens, shrubbery and tree plantings.
  4. Repairs to walks, patios, fences and driveways where the replacement materials match the original or existing materials in detail and color.
  5. Replacement of missing or deteriorated siding, trim, roof coverings, porch flooring, steps, etc. as long as the replacement materials match the original or existing materials in detail and color and where the replacement covers less than 25 percent of the total area of the material.
  6. Replacement of gutters and downspouts as long as the shape, color, and details match the original or existing materials.

A Certificate of Appropriateness is applied for online through our permit portal. Please check our Schedule and Fees under the Permits tab to see application deadlines and meeting dates. Depending on when the application is completed, this process can take 1-2 months.