Winter Mailbox Preparation

Winter Mailbox Damage
Residents are encouraged to inspect their mailboxes prior to snow season.  Mailboxes located near the roadway may be at risk of damage caused by snow drifts, vehicle incidents and snow removal efforts.  Damage during snow removal efforts may not be caused by direct contact with the snowplow, but from heavy, wet snow being thrown from the plow.

Inspect Your Mailbox
Residents should inspect their mailboxes for any weaknesses, such as rotten wood, deterioration, or cracks in the post. Leaning mailboxes also pose a risk for damage. Residents can determine the proper mailbox location along the roadway by contacting the postmaster.

Mailbox Repairs
Any damage to a resident’S mailbox that is a direct result from contact with a snowplow with City of Lebanon equipment will be repaired at the City’s expense upon inspection that determines the mailbox was properly installed and located and in good condition prior to the incident. The mailbox owner is responsible for repair or replacement if damage is the result of buildup of plowed snow only and not direct contact with plow equipment.

More Information
Should you have any questions, contact Darren Owens, Director of Public Works at (513) 228-3701.