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Backflow Information
Backflow is defined as the reversal of the normal direction of water flow within a piping system. Normally, water flows from the Lebanon distribution system and into the user’s home or business. When a backflow occurs, the water flows from the house or business into the Lebanon distribution system.

Effects of Backflow
If this happens, more than just water may be carried back into the Lebanon water distribution system. The backflow could contain mixtures or substances that can cause effects ranging from mild irritation to serious illness or death. The piping arrangement in which a backflow could occur is called a cross-connection.

About the Backflow Program
Regulatory authority for the Backflow Program rests with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and enforcement of the program rests with the water supplier. View Chapter 3745-95 Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control from the Ohio Administrative Code.

City Responsibilities
Lebanon, as the supplier of water, has the responsibility for providing each consumer with safe and potable water. This responsibility begins at the source and ends at the point of delivery which is defined by the Ohio Administrative Code as the outlet side of the water meter on the buildings service line. Lebanon's responsibilities include:
  • Periodical survey of users’ premises to determine if there are any cross-connections and to evaluate the water-use practices
  • Review of drawings for new buildings prior to construction to determine the degree of hazard and perform a site inspection during or immediately after construction - the City of Lebanon has contracted with the Warren County Plumbing Department to oversee this element of the backflow program as part of the plumbing inspection process.
  • Requiring the water user to eliminate the hazards or to protect the public water system by the installation of a backflow prevention device at the service connection
  • Requiring the water user to ensure that all of the backflow-prevention devices are in proper, working order

Backflow Device Testing
If your house or business has a backflow prevention device, you will receive a letter May of each year reminding you to have your backflow device tested. You will have until the end of June to hire a certified plumber to test the assembly. If at that time the Water Department has not received the plumber’s backflow prevention report, the City of Lebanon must shut off your water supply for the protection of the rest of the users of the water distribution system. More information on the Lebanon Backflow Program can be found at Ordinance 911.04.

Certified Backflow Plumbers
A list of certified backflow assembly plumbers can be found at the State of Ohio Department of Commerce website.
The list is located under the tab Industrial Compliance & Labor. Next go to Bureau of Building Code Compliance, Inspections and scroll down to Search List of Certified Licensed Professionals.

Backflow Test Report & Permit
The plumber will be required to submit the completed report to the Service Department along with the permit fee. Download the BackflowTest Report/Permit.