Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
City Manager's Office Scott Brunka City Manager (513) 228-3101
City Manager's Office Kelli Kline Administrative Assistant to the City Manager (513) 228-3101
City Manager's Office Rebecca Nelson Administrative Assistant - Marketing & Event Coordination (513) 228-3110
City Council Mark Messer Mayor (513) 763-0706
City Council Scott Norris Vice Mayor
City Council Mike Cope City Council Member
City Council Kristen Eggers City Council Member
City Council Brad Lamoreaux City Council Member
City Council Matt Sellers City Council Member
City Council Breighton Smith City Council Member
Police Division Jeff Mitchell Chief (513) 228-3311
Fire Division Ryan Dipzinski Fire Chief (513) 228-3886
Fire Division Alyson Hall Administrative Assistant (513) 228-3852
Service Department Customer Service (513) 933-7200
Service Department Candace Fleming Senior Customer Service Representative (513) 228-3150
Electric Department Shawn Coffey Director of Electric Department (513) 228-3200
Electric Department Guy Augustin Deputy Director of Electric Engineering (513) 228-3202
Engineering Department Ben Stucke City Engineer (513) 228-3130
Engineering Department Tim Huitger Assistant City Engineer (513) 228-3133
Engineering Department Hank Holden Engineering Inspector (513) 617-0202
Finance Department Dan Burke Finance Director (513) 228-3163
Law Department Mark Yurick City Attorney (513) 228-3105
Community Development Jason Millard Community Development Director (513) 228-3172
Personnel Pam Stotts Personnel Manager (513) 228-3115
Planning & Zoning Greg Orosz City Planner (513) 228-3170
Public Works Darren Owens Public Works Director (513) 228-3701
Water Distribution/Sewer Collection Division Joey Tussey Distribution/Collections Superintendent (513) 228-3601
Tax Department (513) 933-7205
Tax Department Elizabeth Fingerle Deputy Tax Commissioner (513) 228-3121
Wastewater Treatment Division Mike Tong Wastewater Treatment Superintendent       (513) 494-2386
Public Works Melissa Thompson Public Works Admin Assistant Streets, Parks, Cemetery, Fleet Maintenance (513) 228-3730
Parks Maintenance Division Shawn Ford Parks Supervisor          (513) 222-8815
Code Enforcement Jon Oehler Code Enforcement Inspector (513) 228-3157
Planning & Zoning Sarah Sibcy Administrative Assistant (513) 228-3171
Streets Division Kris Farmer Streets Supervisor