Together We Thrive: Spring Cleaning For Your Soul

This Together We Thrive blog post was written by Lebanon-based Life and Leadership Coach, Beth Conger, CPC, ELI-MP

April is the time of Spring cleaning – where many of us pour so much time and energy (or pay someone else for their energy) to washing, dusting and tidying up our physical property inside and out, from top to bottom. Why do we do this? For a fresh start! To be able to open the windows and let all that crisp warm breeze in without the dust flying everywhere. To prep our lawns and patios for outdoor enjoyment.

The practice of Spring cleaning dates back to biblical times when the Israelites had to leave Egypt in such a hurry that they didn’t have time for bread to rise. In commemoration of this, the Torah requires no traces of leaven bread be left in the house – which requires a lot of cleaning. In the Christian religion, Catholics clean the church altar before Good Friday. It became more mainstream in the 1800s when the first hints of warmer weather allowed housewives to open the windows and clean a whole winter’s worth of soot and lamp oil out of the house. And, as a society, we’ve stuck to this general timeframe as the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

In the spirit of giving the physical side of our world a deep cleaning, I’d suggest it’s also the perfect time for a deep cleaning of your soul. And believe it or not, our bodies actually agree! As the days get longer and brighter, the natural lethargy of the winter months (thanks to increased melatonin production in the body that causes sleepiness) fades away and we find ourselves not only with more energy, but being more open to a fresh start.

Nothing weighs on your heart and soul quite like a bad experience from the past. Additionally, so much of what we’re experiencing in our world today is also weighing on many of us and has been for some time. So, April truly is the perfect opportunity to clean up your relationship with yourself, friends and family and even society by washing away judgment, resentment and grievances that have muddied your spirit.

And that’s just what my April Workshop, Spring Cleaning for Your Soul is designed to help you do. I hope you’ll join me to wipe away the grime of the past for a refreshed you. Learn more: