Why Property Maintenance Matters

For most people, the biggest investment they will make in their life is the purchase of a home. By having an active property maintenance program, we can help Lebanon look its best while improving the character of the community and protecting property values, public health and the welfare of our residents.

The City of Lebanon property maintenance program monitors and notifies respective owners of maintenance and repair issues that need to be addressed on the property, which may include tall grass, weathered paint and structure concerns. Check out this property that is receiving a total transformation through a notice from our property maintenance program! 

5 Stillwell Before - Copy  
Before: Property overtaken by weeds.

5 Stillwell After
After: Property cleared out and gutted. In progress for a complete remodel. 

A majority of the time, the property owner can take care of the issue on their own soon after receiving a notification from the City. However, occasionally situations arise when circumstances don’t allow the property owner to make the repairs promptly on their own, either due to health concerns or a lack of discretionary income. 

This is where you or your organization can help!

The City would like to establish a list of local organizations or individuals willing to volunteer to help people in need of assistance with painting, repair or other maintenance issues. This list will be provided to those requesting assistance to connect local groups and individuals that can offer services to residents when the need arises. For details on the program or to add your organization to the list, please contact the Department of Community Development at 513-228-3170 or gorosz@lebanonohio.gov for additional information.