The City of Lebanon owns and operates its own electric utility containing generation, transmission and distribution facilities.  The City’s daily demand is met through the purchase of bulk power from American Electric Power (AEP).  This allows the City to leverage the buying power and generation capabilities of a large utility, while maintaining daily local service for power delivery to residences and businesses.  This strategy has allowed the City’s electric rates to remain competitive with the regional competitors, and maintain local control, giving our customers input into our operations.  The local emphasis toward operations allows the City to provide a superior level of customer service.  Since 2007, Lebanon has invested over $10 million to replace, upgrade and expand the electrical infrastructure of the City.  The capital investments have doubled substation capacity, replaced outdated infrastructure, and increased reliability for businesses.

Water & Sewer
Lebanon’s Water Department provides our customers with safe, reliable, high quality water in an environmentally sound and cost-effective manner.  The Cincinnati Water Works supplies wholesale water to the City, with a capacity of six million gallons per day.  The City manages system operations and distribution with a focus on providing an outstanding level of service to our customers.

The City of Lebanon Wastewater Department provides the community with high-quality sanitary sewer service in an environmentally sound and cost-effective manner. This is accomplished through the maintenance and operation of more than 100 miles of pipe and seven pump stations in the sanitary sewer collection system that folws to a state-of-art wastewater treatment facility.

Utility Service Providers