Reliable and Responsive – The City of Lebanon Working to Keep Your Lights On

Disastrous weather has swept the nation recently. And with spring around the corner, threatening weather conditions will continue as warm and cold fronts push against each other creating the potential for damaging winds, deadly lightening, hail, flash floods and tornadoes. If and when disaster strikes, the City of Lebanon Electric Department is here to keep your lights on.  

Electric Release

The City has a municipally owned and operated electric system managed by City staff. Public Power utilities are powered by local governments, allowing the City to provide you with reliable, responsive and competitive electric service. The City’s daily demand is met through the purchase of bulk power from American Municipal Power, based in Columbus, Ohio. Purchasing bulk power allows the City to leverage the buying power and generation capabilities of a large utility, while maintaining quality local service for power delivery to residences and businesses.  

Although we don’t generate our own power, the City’s Electric Department owns and operates its own transmission and distribution systems providing direct customer service. The City builds redundancy into our electrical grid, making a citywide power outage unlikely.

Important facts about the City’s Electric Department:

  • The City maintains a high level of reliability by reinvesting in infrastructure, adhering to industry best practices, and installing multiple paths and ties with main supply infrastructure. Over the last five years, the City reinvested almost $10 million in infrastructure improvements and replacements.
  • City employees add or replace four miles of infrastructure annually.
  • Electric rates have remained the same for 10 years (2010-2020). Rates were reduced in 2020.
  • Electric supply is provided by a diversified portfolio of wholesale contracts and from an Ohio natural gas-fueled power plant, partially owned by Lebanon.
  • The City of Lebanon is a member of the state agency American Municipal Power and the national agency American Public Power Association.

Questions regarding electric service? Contact the Service Department at (513) 933-7200 or visit the Electric Department’s webpage.

Images sourced from American Public Power Association